Erosion Control

Unique Erosion Mitigation Structures

Erosion costs you money; it eats away at your investment, robbing you of valuable real estate, and eventually may threaten your home. Erosion mitigation not only saves your investment but also makes money for you by returning $2.00 for every $1.00 spent, not to mention the value of peace of mind.

Protect & Beautify, Simultaneously!

You can protect your investment and transform your hill or yard into usable entertainment space.

Our design team will work with you to blend the necessary erosion mitigation structures with your unique expression of enjoyable living space.

After choosing from the many material choices for the erosion retaining wall, You can then add synthetic or treated decks, railings, steps, pavers, relaxation gardens, hot tubs, water features, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, and much more!

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Prevent Property Loss

If you are concerned about property loss due to erosion or would like to make better use of your hillside or yard, give Hill Crafters Inc. a call today, we'll come out, discuss your needs and provide a free quote.

Your design possibilities will take your breath away.